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BEWARE ABOVE LINK IS VERY GRAPHIC!!! Not for the weak stomach.
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Mike Tyson's Ferrets?

There have been stories about the ferrets found at Mike Tyson's home. Here are the pictures.

Caution, the photos shown here are very graphic and may upset sensitive and younger viewers.

Personal Note:
I guess this should come as no surprise coming from a Convicted Rapist. This man should be back in jail for this, but instead one of his employees has taken the rap. What I want to know is why they aren't charging Tyson anyway because the poor creatures were found on his property regardless of who owned them.

If it sounds like I am angry it is because I am. It is sad enough when one of our pets gets sick and dies. But when they are mistreated in this fashion it is unforgivable. Having ferrets myself I know just how sweet these little guys are. Especially when they look up at you with those little "please can I have a treat" eyes. I just thank God that at least one of those poor souls was saved.

As far as I am concerned I will never knowingly buy anything with his name on it or anything he endorses because I feel that this is the most despicable thing ANYONE can do.

I hope that the poor little ferret that survived makes a full recovery and finds a loving home, he/she certainly deserves a new family after such a horrible ordeal. As for the poor baby that lost it's life, you can rest assured that he/she is happily dooking over the Rainbow Bridge. My love and prayers go out to both of the little guys.

One last note... My sincere thanks goes out to Caroline Jones and "The 24 Carat Ferret Rescue" for stepping in to rescue the survivor. To her, and all the "rescuers" and shelters, I would like to give a profound THANK YOU. Your work does not go unnoticed.

Douglas J. Kopecky


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