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In Loving Memory Of Evel
(Dad says Evil)
She had a partner named Knievel who passed before she came to us
12/95 to 12/02/03


Evel came to us as a foster a few years ago. Originally she had been turned in with her partner Knievel, who passed shortly upon their arrival.

Evel was a rambunctious, outgoing, very Alpha girl, who took no guff from anyone, including us! She was soon to become momma's little girl. She stole our hearts with her crazy antics, such as hiding newspaper and pulling me around the apartment by my finger, and trying to "stash" me in the closet. She had more character than almost any other ferret I have ever met.

In October of 2003,one of her long time cage mates, Puck died very suddenly due to two tumors on his heart. During his time with us, he and Evel had bonded, and became inseparable. A more unlikely pair you would never find. Puck being a mellow cuddly boy, and Evel, the obnoxious, overbearing girl.

A few months before Evil's passing, we had noticed a large growth in her abdomen. We knew it was cancer, but at her advanced age, surgery was out of the question...we would watch her and let her go on being her silly self.

About a month after the passing of Puck, Evel started to slow down a bit, then one day, she was unable to walk, stumbling and falling. I took this s a bad sign, insulinoma or worse. I immediately called Judy, and we rushed her over, Judy did a blood glucose and discovered her level was 21.

 OH MY GOD!, how could she still be functioning! She was always a tough little girl, but this was insane!

We left her overnight so Judy could see if she could bring her level up, she called us the next day she had managed to get it up to 29.....still far too low. We knew at that point that it was time to let her go.


I was devastated, my lively sassy little girl was leaving me?....I still couldn't accept it....I cried and asked Judy if we could get her levels up if there was any hope. She looked at me, a bit teary eyed and told me "Even if we did, the mass in her tummy would only grow larger, and she would suffer."

I couldn't bear the thought of her suffering, but I couldn't bear the thought of losing her either. Of all the ferrets that have passed on, she was...for some reason....the hardest to let go.

Evel passed over the Bridge on December 2,2003, and is now happily playing and bouncing with her brothers who have gone before her.

We love you Evel, our lives have been forever changed by you, and although the pain may go which it hasn't still 7 months later), you're memory shall always live on in our hearts and minds.

Momma misses you so baby girl, but she will see you soon, and you can grab my finger again and stash me away forever.

A word form Dad...

I still don't know how you dug so deep into my heart but you are missed a great deal.

You were such a naughty little girl but you were still the only one who would cuddle up and sleep on my chest (or maybe it was my soft belly).

When you came to us we were told that you were a nasty biter [see above... Knievel] {when you lose you best friend and are stuck with strange people, who can blame you).

It wasn't long before you learned that you were in a safe place. You gave kisses and got lots of them back.

I can't find the words to tell you why you were so special to me.

Dance on my sweet little girl... we will be reunited one day...

Until then, keep everyone in their place (like I know you will)...

Love and miss you lots...



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