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Welcome to my little section of the web. Dad went to the pet store for something and was playing with me. He has always wanted a black ferret but couldn't find one (he found out later there are no black ferrets). I was really dark, almost black. I was also really sweet in the store. Dad took me up to counter twice before he finally left, without me. Later that day He told Mom that story and she wanted to come and see me. They played with me for a little while when Mom said "Let's take him home". Dad told her he brought her here to talk him out of getting me. Well it didn't take much convincing and I went to my new home that night.

I was very skittish when I first got there and it took me a long time to stop being so jumpy. Even now loud noises scare me and make me hide. Sometimes I will pick a fight with one of the fosters but most of the time I get along with them. I like to play with Nossa because she gets really wild and we chase each other all over the house. Sometimes I just jump and roll around all by myself. Mom and Dad think I am goofy. I guess I can be at times but at least I have fun.


Likes Dislikes
  • All treat especially Beggn' Strips
  • Trying to follow Dad outside
  • Seeing what Mom and Dad are doing
  • The Vet
  • Baths
  • Loud noises


I got tired so I went to sleep. Don't I look good?
This is how I help Mom clean the litter boxes. I like to be comfortable when I sleep.
I love to play in the snow This was one of my favorite toys
How is this for being smart. Too bad I was caught on film stealing Dad's wallet.
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