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My name is Tarna. Mom named me from the woman on the movie "Heavy Metal". I am a little stinker. I love to spill soda. I think my record is 3 in one night. I like to wait for some one to get up then I run up onto the table and knock it over. I like to see them run back in the room and try to rush to find something to clean it up with. I walk with a slight limp because when I was a baby I was playing with Chewie on the bed and I fell off. I dislocated my shoulder (you can see me bandaged up in my pictures). But my vet fixed me up almost as good as new. I have no problems  getting around just a slight limp.

Mom and Dad seem to think I have gotten mad since the fosters came to stay with us. I will go after them and try to beat them up. After getting my butt kicked by a few of them I don't do it as much any more. It is not that I don't like them it is that I don't like them in my home. Well I'm sure I will get use to them.


Likes Dislikes
  • Can tipping (I think it is something like Cow tipping)
  • Dates
  • Playing with "the string toy"
  • Giving kisses
  • The fosters
  • an upright can of soda
  • Falling off the bed
Here I am all bandaged up and being held by dad. I will not tip this beer over.

I will not tip this beer over.

I may tip this beer over if they leave the room.

Being hurt did not stop me from begging for treats. This is why you don't turn you back on a ferret.
See how cute I am? My soda!!
It is hard to tip it over with you holding it, Mom. Cool, chips!!
I'll put this away.
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