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In Loving Memory Of Bandit.

Bandit sleeping
Bandit came to live with us around June of 99 when a gal that dad worked with was moving and couldn't take him with. She asked my dad if he could take Bandit and give him a good home. Dad said sure.

Bandit sleeping


  Even though Bandit's old mother loved him, she didn't know a lot about ferrets and Bandit came to us with a pretty bad bladder infection. After 3 tries and a trip to the emergency room (at 1am on a Sat. morning) we finally thought it was cleared up.

Bandit sleeping with his favorite blanket
Because of that infection, Bandit licked all the hair off of his belly, but it all came back.
The other problem Bandit had was that he lost just about all of his hair. Mom was really freaked out by it and thought we were going to loose him soon. But all his fur grew back nice and thick.

Bandit was one of the sweetest little guys there was. He followed mom and dad around the house and was always tripping one of them up. Then when they stop he would sit up and stare at them hoping for a treat.

Bandit after playing in the garden
Bandit loved all kinds of treats... Dates, Raisins, Fruit Loops, and chicken. There isn't much he wouldn't eat.
He loved to go outside and play with Dad. Bandit would sit up by the door so Dad will open it and as soon as he does Bandit will take off down the hallway, stop halfway down and look back, and if Dad is coming he will run the rest of the way to the stairs, dooking all the way.

Bandit and Zax (here is Bandit and Zax)
Then on 5/23/00 Bandit went for a follow up on his last bout with his bladder infections. The day before we took in a sample for our vet to test because we had seen some sediment in his urine. The vet didn't find any infections, so he did a test for crystals (this is what he thought was causing the infections), but he didn't find any.
The next day (5/24/00) when Mom and Dad got up (Dad works 3rd shift so it was around 4pm) Mom saw that Bandit couldn't pee, so she called the vet and they set up an appointment for the next morning when they opened. Mom sat up all night with Bandit till Dad got home in the morning (4am). Mom and Dad both sat up with him till it was time to go to the vet(9am 5/25/00). The doctor saw him and we decided to do an ultrasound to see what was causing the problem.
Mom and Dad went home to wait and see what the vet could find out. When Dad called the vet later that day he got the bad news. It turned out that Bandit probably had an adrenal tumor and that was messing up his hormones which was causing sludge in his urine that was collecting in a growth on his urethra. The vet told Mom and Dad that he could do all of the procedures, but that Bandit was not in any condition to make it through even one of the surgeries (he need at least 3 major ones to fix what was wrong). That is when Mom and Dad decided that Bandit had suffered enough.
When the vet brought Bandit out to them and they held him he looked so sad and let them know he was ready to go. After the doctor gave Bandit the shot Mom held him until he had passed on. Lots of tears were shed in that office. Bandit now rests at the Rainbow Bridge waiting for the rest of us to play with him again.
Bandit you are missed and we all love you. Even though you were only with us for less then a year you made a big impact on all our lives.
Rest in peace Bandit.

Click here to go to the Rainbow Bridge website. Click on "Bandit" with parents Doug and Sandy for a wonderful memorial.


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