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Hello everyone, I'm Nossa. I am the youngest one of the bunch. I love to play. I really get going, so much so that I actually bounce off the walls. I will play with just about anyone. Dad says I am mental but I just like to have fun. Since I am so new I really don't have many stories to tell. I do like to hunt and eat bugs. If it moves I will stalk it and eat it. I once ate a worm. It was a little slimy though.

Mom and Dad used to come in the pet store and visit me sometimes. One day They came into the store and Mom played with me for a long while while Dad got some other supplies. When they got back in the car Mom asked if they could take me home and Dad said "No, we already have five at home.". They were on their way to get some supper when Mom started crying cause she said I was there so long I was going to be sent back to the breeder and was going to be put to sleep. So then Dad stopped at an ATM withdrew some money and went back to the store and I got to go home with them that night. I was so happy and so was Mom. And I know Dad loves me too but won't admit it.


Likes Dislikes
  • Most all treats
  • Playing rough with Zax
  • Getting into trouble
  • Going in the refrigerator when someone opens it
  • Baths
  • Not getting treats
  • "Digging" tea out of a cup


Just try to take a Fruit Loop. Surprise!!!
Now where is the "N"? Nossa wins ribbons at the Ferret Den's ferret show.
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