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Chewie May 1998-Aug 30,2003


Chewie was our first little guy, he was brought home as a gift for me, his mom. Immediately he stole our hearts. He was quite the character, from his unique sheds (you never know what color he was going to be one year to the next) , to juggling a tennis ball on his tummy, he always found a way to make you smile. He'd give kisses all day long, and as long as he got his treat (fruitloops, dates, raisins, golden grahams to name a few), he was happy as could be. Chewie's only major health issue had been an allergic reaction to his distemper vaccinations, otherwise he was a healthy normal little ferret.

A few months ago, we noticed he had a developed a rather large spleen, not uncommon for ferrets, but still quite distressing. We put him on prednisone and iron drops once a day, plus melatonin for his adrenal disease. He really seemed to be coming around. He was more active, ate like a horse and you could even get him to play (as long as it was on his terms). But after an all too brief turn around, he started to decline rapidly. He couldn't lay on his side anymore due to the huge mass in his tummy. He had difficulty going through tubes, or even climbing into his hammocks, and cried out whenever someone would lie on him. It was very apparent to us that he was starting to suffer. I could see that, but needed to hear it from someone else, just to make sure. I took Chewie to see Judy at the Ferret Shelter, and Judy confirmed my worst fears. The large mass wasn't his spleen, it was cancer. Immediately I knew what had to be done. I called Doug, Chewie's dad and had him bring Chewie's brothers and sisters. We let them play together for a short while to say good-bye, and then it was of the hardest things we've ever had to do. We had to let him go. He passed quickly and quietly in my arms, much as he had lived his life, a quiet sweet little guy that didn't want to cause anyone or anything harm. And, although our hearts are broken, and there are tears streaming down my face as I type this,



I know he is healthy and happy once more, playing with Bandit, Gimbit, and Titan and waiting for us to join him.

The hurt may go away our little guy, but the love and the wonderful memories of your kisses and snuggles shall remain forever in our hearts and minds.



MeLee, Zax, Tarna and Nossa all miss you Chew-butt, and can't wait to see you again.

With all our love our angel, we send you over the Rainbow Bridge.

The lives you touched will never be the same.

Our lives are blessed for having had you in them.

Sleep well my Darling, my Silly little Chew-butt,

LOVE,  Mom and Dad


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